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How to Find the Best New Build Deal on Trade Me

The best property deals on Trade Me are hiding in plain sight.

But to find them you’ll need a strategy.

Here’s three simple tricks to flush them out in the current market:

1. Filter by ‘New Builds Only’

Remember that developers and real estate agents may list multiple units in the same development. To find the best deal look for projects with one or two units left. The developer may be inclined to sell those cheaper. Developers might also be inclined to sell cheaper if they haven’t got any runs on the board yet.

2. Sort by ‘Lowest Price’

There’s a way you can find out what the owner thinks the home will likely sell at even if a listing doesn’t have an advertised price.

Sorting by ‘Lowest Price’ will show you where a property without a price sits in comparison to other properties. For example, if you see that a listing is between two listings priced at $650k & $700k, you can safely assume the owner believes the property will sell between those two numbers.

3. Photos vs Renders

Some prices on Trade Me may seem too good to be true.

If you see a listing that seems priced competitively lower than the rest, pay close attention to the images.

Are they photos or renders? Usually developers will use renders at the before they’ve started building a development and phase them out closer to completion.

You might be able to get a townhouse for $20k - $30k cheaper than everything else on the market but you’ll be waiting a long time to move in.

Look for listings with competitive prices that display photos. Grab a deal and move in right away.

In summary, finding a great deal comes down to the details. Trade Me is full of clues and the more you use it the better you’ll get at seeing them. Next time you search remember to filter by new builds, sort by lowest price and look out for photos vs renders.


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