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Hi, we are Faisandier Group.

Vision & Mission

Building for the new Kiwi dream.

We deliver better homes for New Zealand by designing and building high-quality townhouses.


How we do it

Our team collaborates with expert partners to design, plan and build these projects. We build relationships with surveyors, engineers, architects, builders, plumbers, all the sub-trades and suppliers.


This strategy creates a building ecosystem, allowing us to build at scale and consistently deliver high-quality homes.

We are achieving our mission with a simple, hyper-focused strategy: we only build multi-unit residential developments.


We're not in it for a quick buck.

Here's what drives us.

Always getting better

We are constantly improving our systems, our performance, and our products.



We are baking the pie to share the pie, generating value for landowners, contractors and buyers alike.


Be good people

To us, good business means doing right by the people, communities and businesses we work with.


Think about the grandkids

In 30 years, we want our grandchildren to ride past the homes we’ve built and be proud of what we’ve achieved.

Point of difference

What’s our point of difference?

We are everyday New Zealanders, a family business, built through hard work, a relentless pursuit for efficiency and a desire to help others succeed as we succeed. We operate how we think any property developer should. 


Maybe you could call that a point of difference?

Actually, we’re not sure we have one.


The Yarn

Actionable tips for the Kiwi home buyer.


What we’re building.

Our developments come in two tiers: First and Next


Our story began with building affordable homes, and we’re proud of it. First Tier homes are designed to be a quality first home: modern, comfortable, and great value. See some of our First Tier projects. 



Whether you’re upgrading or downsizing, Next Tier developments are the place you’ll love to live. Learn more about the contemporary design features and fixtures of our upcoming Next Tier projects. 

Meet our team

Faisandier's & Co.

Meet the people behind the homes.

Secret Sauce

Project Timelines

See an overview of how the construction process works.


Who we're building for.

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