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We go about this by doing the following:


Always getting better—In order to build hundreds of homes each year we know we have to be really good at what we do. There’s always a better way, there’s always more to learn. Every project should run smoother and have a better result than the one before. That means we work on the process as much as working in the process.

When we get the details right everything gets more efficient. Opportunities to do things better gets the most out of every dollar. Those dollars saved equal value we can pass on to the homebuyer.


Win/Win­—We create prosperity by unlocking potential and adding value that didn’t exist before. Bake the pie to share the pie. Make it big enough for everyone to benefit.

Be good people—We use our own name as our brand because we are upfront and authentic. We aren’t hiding behind a fancy facade. We started building in the streets we grew up riding our bikes and we do business with the same people we went to high school with. People know us and trust us.


Think about the grandkids—A building can offer a long-standing reminder of the values of a person, business and society. The ability for it to age gracefully because of care in design and construction is a sign of long term thinking. Our aim is that our grandchildren and great grandchildren would ride their bikes past our projects in 30 years time and still feel proud of us for what we put our hands too.

New Zealanders are bonkers about property. Daily life is full of talk about the housing market; housing shortages, price increases, capital gains, healthy homes, investment or speculation, all sorts.

There are a lot of varying opinions out there and it can be very daunting for the uninitiated to form a solid opinion to base purchasing decisions on. 


Regardless of the market conditions, what we see is a nation in need of an upgrade to the quality of its housing. Much of the stock is in pretty bad nick, but it still costs a bomb. A few of the reasons for this are; a general lack of supply, increased demand in certain locations, and often because of the size of the land the house is on. The standalone bungalow on a ¼ acre section is just not a smart way to do property.


Our response to this situation is pretty simple. Take an old house (in a good location), remove it and build a bunch of new homes on the land. Build these homes in a way that offers great quality to the buyer at a great price. Repeat.

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Faisandier Group is a property development company. We deliver better homes for New Zealand by designing and building high-quality townhouses.

Copyright © 2020 Faisandier Group Limited. All Rights Reserved. Read our Disclaimer & Privacy Policy

Copyright © 2020 Faisandier Group Limited. All Rights Reserved.
Disclaimer & Privacy Policy

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Faisandier Group is a property development company. We deliver better homes for New Zealand by designing and building high-quality townhouses