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Living the dream

The Kiwi dream is often imagined as a bungalow on a quarter-acre section. In reality, those properties are unbelievably expensive. And, despite costing a bomb, a lot of New Zealand’s housing stock is in pretty bad nick. Even those fortunate enough to buy into the dream are likely to experience the nightmares of extensive—and expensive—renovations. 


But the dream is changing. Instead of mould, million-dollar mortgages and weekends lost to DIY, more and more New Zealanders are choosing healthy, easy-care townhouses. This style of living is the norm in most of the world’s desirable cities, and New Zealand is starting to catch up. 


After all, whether it's your first step on the property ladder or you're climbing a little higher, you deserve a high-quality home. To us, that means warm, dry, safe and comfortable—and built for the long haul.


That’s why we are looking to the future and building for the new Kiwi dream. 

Property is New Zealand’s favourite conversation topic.

Daily life is full of talk about house prices, shortages, capital gains, healthy homes, investors and speculators. For existing homeowners, it can be an overwhelming topic. 


If you’re looking to join the property ladder, it’s downright daunting.


We don’t have all the answers, but we do have a solution: to deliver better homes for New Zealand by designing and building high-quality townhouses.

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