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Hi, we are Faisandier Group.

Sam Faisandier

Managing Director

Picture of Sam

Paddy Faisandier


Picture of Paddy

Simon Faisandier

Business Development Manager

Picture of Simon

Taryn Brouwer

Contracts Manager

Picture of Taryn

Jason Westerby

Construction Manager

Picture of Jason

Isaac Taylor

Project Manager

Picture of Isaac

Ranee Scott

Property Manager

Picture of Ranee

Ben Matthes

Project Support

Picture of Ben

Charlene Page

Project Coordinator

Picture of Charlene

Kelsey Hartnett

Relationship & Quality Manager

Picture of Kelsey

Collette Goodfellow

Project Support

Picture of Collette

Ty Loveridge

Project Manager Cadet

Picture of Ty

Hausia Siale

Sales & Marketing Manager

Picture of Hausia

Dawn Becker

Finance Manager

Picture of Dawn
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